As a part of US operations Sahara manages
• Convenience Store
• Mexican food outlet which serves barbeque stuff and Mexican cuisine
• Sahara also manages one of the largest gas station in Texas

A healthy, hygienic work environment and world class catering services can do wonders for the morale and ability to work of any workforce. SAHARA with it’s vast years of experience and expertise in hospitality services customized to your business needs will help your employees to work efficiently and perform better.

With Sahara as your partner you can be rest assured about your employees catering needs and focus on your core business. At present we are working with various corporate, business groups, large scale hospitals, clubs, guest houses and all leading MNCs in Pune.

Every industry has different work environment in terms of employes they hire, place of work they operate in , kind of visitors they deal with . At sahara we understand this and have trained specialized people for specific industry so they can understand the customer needs and serve them better . This has really helped our clients in a big way in every industry.

Menu Management

Sahara specializes in Menu Management .we have a wide range of menu’s which cater to people with different tastes like Corporates, BPO employes ,Industrial workers , Top Level Managers, Doctors & patients .

We have in house Dietion who understands & knows what calorie intake should be for employes of various organisatiions as per their pattern of work . We have a professional team which invests a lot of time in designing Menu for each and every client of Sahara to make there employees’ life healthier.